Forrest Whaley Dreams 2.22.18

I woke up recently and and actually remembered a ton of dreams I had the previous night. So I was telling Mason and he told be before I started that I should record all of it. BTW I don’t own any of these images so this video may get taken down. Yah yah row row.

-Still working on Batman (4/4), it’s taken longer than expected because I want it to be absolutely flawless. Thought I could get it done before I move back to Missouri in late March to film ZU3 but it’s looking less and less likely that I can wrap anytime soon though I can confirm that Mason & I are both on that daily grind life. It’s about 5 minutes thus far, maybe 2-3 minutes to go. I would post more BTS on the 2nd channel but I can’t do too much of that without revealing plot details so for now this bizarre dream video will have to do ya. Again, thanks for watching. Follow me on instagram I’m desperate for followers.







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