Hands on w/ ALL 6 LEGO Overwatch Sets!

I got the lucky chance from LEGO to be one of the first people outside of the company to get hands on with all 6 of the new LEGO Overwatch sets launch January 2019! Special thanks to RODE Microphones for sponsoring us on our BlizzCon 2018 trip, we would not have had great audio (especially at a loud convention) without there help! Check em out here: https://amzn.to/2Qmpirf

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DISCLAIMER : Solid Brix Studios was provided travel arrangements by The LEGO Group to attend BlizzCon 2018 (and has full permission to record anything LEGO related). Solid Brix Studios was not paid nor told so to make any particular video nor advertise a specific panel, product, or topic. All opinions are my own.

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