I’m MAD at LEGO… UCS Star Destroyer Leaks & Copyright Strike!

I’ve been making LEGO (mostly Star Wars LEGO) videos on YouTube for a decade now. It’s incredibly disheartening to me, considering where I’m at on YouTube that The LEGO Group continues to give me the cold shoulder from my point of view. LEGO sent out early copies of the 75252 UCS Imperial Star Destroyer to non-LAN members and I wasn’t invited to the party. I just feel so disappointed after years and years of work. Maybe they were worried I’d leak the set but I would never do that. That’d be insane.LEGO also copyright struck a RUMOR video of mine “LEGO Star Wars Episode 9 The Rise of Skywalker & 2020 Set Rumors! EVERYTHING WE KNOW!” from July claiming it contained leaked images. It did not. They don’t and won’t explain exactly why the video was taken down and I am lead to assume it’s a false claim. I’m absolutely frustrated with LEGO. This sucks. I hate making videos like these.

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