LEGO Arcade Pinball Machine – REBRICKULOUS Edition

Check out the #Rebrickulous Pinball Showdown ft. AstonishingStudios:
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What does one do when The LEGO Group wants a pinball machine for their iconic web-series, Rebrickulous? They spend around one hundred hours crafting the most beautiful, most imaginative and most authentic RBKLS machine possible—if they are astonishing. The build features LED wiring, a token-accepting mechanism, a plunger, working flippers, obstacles and a system that keeps score. If that is not astonishing, then thank goodness I’m still going to school for engineering.

-At AstonishingStudios, we aim to entertain and educate curious minds through carefully designed creations with LEGO® pieces. From candy machines to food makers, each video will leave you hungrier and more intelligent than the last.

-As a LEGO® fanatic and vending machine enthusiast, Marcel, the founder of AstonishingStudios, stumbled across a YouTube video that changed his life: a LEGO Candy Machine. After scrutinizing every similar creation on YouTube and building his own, he decided to share his work online. What began as a curiosity evolved into a full time venture, now ranking as the most popular LEGO® food channel and among the top focused on LEGO® bricks in general.

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