LEGO Dunkin Donuts M&M’s Donut Decorator Machine

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ABOUT THE LIVESTREAM: We’re still looking for a time that works for both of us, but I’ll let you know on the channel’s community tab (or upload a quick video announcing it)!

After three months without an upload, and perhaps too many donuts during the downtime, the M&M’s Dispenser ElectryDragonite and I released on LEGO Ideas has nearly 10,000 supporters. As a two year old project that we established before adulthood, it would be surreal to finally reach our goal with days to spare, causing the LEGO Group to consider making it into a set.

But, as someone striving to highlight the “astonishing” in AstonishingStudios, I invested tens of hours into building a celebratory M&M’s Donut Machine based on the treat of ’08. Hope you like it as much as I did creating it!

Special thanks to LegoWizz777 & Basketballer99 for helping out!

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