Lego Star Wars Rebels Episode 1 – 8

If you were looking for the remaining episodes here it is. Yes I have this also uploaded to ‘Titan Warfare’ some time ago. It was called Titan Pictures Studio. December 9th 2017 to be exact. For those who have not been on that channel or missed the upload here it is. Lego Star Wars Rebels Episode 1 – 8. After Episode 6 I took the time to shoot the remaining 2 and assemble the whole story into one movie.
I have changed the beginning, trimmed editing and new soundtrack.

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Directed by:
Patryk Wawer

Written by:

Elianna – Trina Deuhart
Biggs – Treyblowski
Kyle – Zac Bucklin
Vader – Tom Schalk
Amara – Katie Otten
Imperial Destroyer Commander – TracerFilms
Ral Mattak – Beverly Razors
Shopkeeper – TracerFilms
Thug – Matthew Kenyon
Space Station Dock Announcer – Alison Kenyon
Rebel Radio – Chazz Ravenelle
Wake – Beverly Razors / Tom Schalk
Rebel Leader 1 – Gabe Kunda
Female Rebel Leader – IceAngelTV
Rebel Leader 2 – Gabe Kunda
Rebel Specialist – Lord Yashik
Rebel Leader – Alex Pearson
Trooper 1 – MinilifeTV
Trooper 2 – MinilifeTV
Bridge Commander – Lachie
Stormtrooper – Lachie
Bridge Trooper 1 – MinilifeTV
Bridge Trooper 2 – MinilifeTV
Tie Fighter Pilot – Titan Pictures
Female Rebel – Aika Intong

Kevin Mac Leod – Black Vortex
Kevin Mac Leod – Division
Kevin Mac Leod – Eternal Terminal
Jingle Punks – Echinoderm Regeneration
Jingle Punks – Pucker Up
Jingle Punks – Voyeur
Jingle Punks – Foreign Land
Kevin Mac Leod – Death and Axes
Jingle Punks – Into the Depths
Kevin Mac Leod – Malicious
Jingle Punks – Warrior Strife
Kevin Mac Leod – Vortex
Kevin Mac Leod – Mountain Emperor
Kevin Mac Leod – Rynos Theme
Kevin Mac Leod – Floating Cities
Kevin Mac Leod – Devastation and Revenge
Jingle Punks – Angelic Happiness
Kevin Mac Leod – Crypto
Kevin Mac Leod – Industrial Cinematic
Kevin Mac Leod – On the Shore
Jingle Punks – Galactic Damages
Kevin Mac Leod – Killers
Kevin Mac Leod – Heroic Age
Kevin Mac Leod – For the Fallen
Kevin Mac Leod – Lost Time

Kevin MacLeod
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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