LEGO YouTubers Minifigures Series – CMF Draft!

What if there was a LEGO Minifigures Series based on those who make LEGO review videos on YouTube. Who would be in it?

Huge thanks to Ashnflash – check him out here:
…and here:

Please check out these YouTube channels featured in the video!

#1 JANG –
#2 Me –
#3 David Hall –
#4 Ross (michaelmgf) –
#5 MandRproductions –
#6 BrickQueen –
#7 Jason from THE BRICK SHOW –
#8 Stephen THE BRICK SHOW –
#9 BrickVault Jack –
#10 BrickVault Mike –
#11 BrickTsar –
#12 AFOLMan –
#13 Beyond the Brick –
#14 Brickomotion –
#15 Eljay from The TTV Channel –
#16 Var from The TTV Channel –
#17 Mesonak from The TTV Channel –
#18 EvanTubeHD –
#19 ellieV toys –
#20 GNAJBRicKS –
Honorable Mention:

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CMF Draft #5

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