NEW LEGO Monkey Kid Set List & Theme Details!! Targeting the Asian Market ๐Ÿ˜Ž

LEGO Monkey Kid is a new then a LEGO theme based of a Chinese story called “The Journey to the West” from the 16th century. The Chinese folklore is considered a non-licensed theme. LEGO Monkey Kid will launch with 8 normal sets for the first wave and then release a LEGO polybag and a LEGO Brickheadz. LEGO Monkey Kid is expected to launch in May 2020. LEGO is targeting the Asian Markets with this theme and have stated that these sets will be available through the LEGO Store online and physical LEGO Store in America and Europe. What do you think about the new LEGO Monkey Kid theme?

Rumored Set List Includes:
80006 White Horse Thunder Raider
80007 Bull Demon Kingโ€™s Thunder Raider
80008 Monkey Kidโ€™s Storm Fighter
80009 Pig Chefโ€™s Moving Training Car
80010 Bull Demon King Mech
80011 Fire Ballโ€™s Tank
80012 Monkey King Golden Mech
80013 Sea Base
30341 Monkey Kidโ€™s Delivery Motorcycle
40381 BrickHeadz

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