My first LEGO haul of 2019 kickoff season sets! 📦 #238

LEGO Haul Christmas 2018!

LEGO Mystery Haul Before Christmas! Gifts from LEGO, Ashnflash and more!

I BOUGHT TOO MUCH LEGO! 2019 Sets, LEGO MOVIE 2, Battle Packs, & MORE! (LEGO Haul)

2019 LEGO Sets Haul! LEGO Overwatch is HERE… and Star Wars 2019!

The Best LEGO Deal EVER. Unbelievable eBay find!

LEGO Mystery Haul and Unboxing – Rarest eBay buys yet?


I can’t believe I actually got this RARE LEGO set!

I Bought A Lot Of LEGO… And I’m MAD!

LEGO Store Haul and Mystery Unboxing – New Fall 2018 sets!

Biggest LEGO Mystery Haul and Unboxing in a LONG Time!

Rare LEGO Minifigures LEGO Store Haul! (Cloud City Day Shopping)

LEGO Mystery Haul and Unboxing! Rare sets, plus I got SCAMMED… 😒

Huge LEGO Haul – I’ve waited YEARS for this!

Miniature Mystery Mail LEGO Haul and Unboxing! Misprints and more!

LEGO Mystery Haul and Unboxing – Spring Special! New sets, rarities, and oddities!

Why did I buy these LEGO sets?

LEGO Shop at Home Surprise!

Best LEGO Mystery Haul and Unboxing EVER!

Huge LEGOLand Haul – Rare Exclusives + just2many POLYBAGS!