And the next 2019 LEGO Ideas set is…

ONE of these reject LEGO Ideas projects will become a set. VOTE!

LEGO Ideas Steamboat Willie (Mickey Mouse anniversary) review! 21317

LEGO Ideas The Flintstones reveal: My overview & thoughts 21316

I just2built the Old Fishing Store… another set off my backlog!

LEGO Ideas 21315 Pop-Up Book Review!

LEGO Ideas Pop-Up Book review! set 21315

LEGO Ideas 2018 Pop-Up Book – Another GREAT Ideas set!

LEGO Flintstones set coming in 2019!

LEGO Ideas Fall 2018 set announced – LEGO Pop-Up Book!

LEGO Tron Legacy revealed! Still can’t believe this is a thing!

The PERFECT LEGO Ideas set – LEGO Ship in a Bottle!