Lego Fortnite Polar Peak Monster and Mecha’s sword MOC

LEGO Mecha Team Leader from Fortnite MOC

Lego Jeep Willys MOC

Building the Lizard from Spiderman in Lego MOC

LEGO hospital lit up with full interior! Custom MOC comes to life LMLC #8

Lego Iron Man Hulkbuster MOC

Lego Star Wars Battle Droid MOC

Lego Iron Man Silver Centurion armor MOC

Lego Overwatch Orisa MOC

Lego Dodge Challenger MOC

LEGO city update: Playground, train yard, & nostalgic visit! May 20, 2019

LEGO mall now with full interior lighting! 💡

Five more custom LEGO car MOCs (yep 5) for the city 🚗

LEGO City update: Cargo harbor detailing! ⚓

Custom LEGO medium commercial truck MOC

Lego Halo Warthog MOC

10 HOURS to build THIS little car 🤦‍♂️

LEGO Hovercar Future Hot Rod car MOC

Building a LEGO Gundam Mech

Lego Iron Man Igor armor MOC

Building the Ultron Mark I from Avengers in Lego