Lego old tow truck MOC

Lego Jurassic Park InGEN helicopter MOC

My Lego Tesla Cybertruck but it’s a Mad Max truck

Lego Tesla Cybertruck MOC

Lego Death Stranding MOC

Lego Batpod from The Dark Knight moc

Lego Iron Man Mark 1 chibi MOC

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Custom LEGO tech store MOC work in progress!

Lego Minecraft bee MOC

Lego Optimus Prime G1 MOC

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Lego Ford Gran Torino MOC

Two more life-like objects made with LEGO + follow-up

Lego Fortnite Polar Peak Monster and Mecha’s sword MOC

LEGO Mecha Team Leader from Fortnite MOC

Lego Jeep Willys MOC

Building the Lizard from Spiderman in Lego MOC

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Lego Iron Man Hulkbuster MOC