The Return of BIG eBay LEGO Hauls! Polybag Palooza!

Mystery Target Blind Bags Opening – How much CRAP is here?

So, about the mysterious LEGO teaser…

Mysterious LEGO Teaser – I THINK I know what it is…

What did I order from LEGO? Fall 2019 Mystery Haul!

“$50” Target Exclusive Mystery Box of Random Garbage

Summer 2019 LEGO Haul Mystery Unboxing!

Surprise LEGO Unboxing – The haul I’ve been WAITING for!

Surprise LEGO Movie 2 unboxing from… well, LEGO themselves!

First LEGO Shop Mystery Haul and Unboxing in a LONG time!

LEGO Store Mystery Haul January 2019!

LEGO Mystery Haul Before Christmas! Gifts from LEGO, Ashnflash and more!

LEGO 2019 Sets Mystery Haul! Ninjago, City, Batman and more!

LEGO Mystery Haul and Unboxing – Rarest eBay buys yet?

LEGO Store Haul and Mystery Unboxing – New Fall 2018 sets!

Biggest LEGO Mystery Haul and Unboxing in a LONG Time!

LEGO Mystery Haul and Unboxing! Rare sets, plus I got SCAMMED… 😒

Mystery Gifts from LEGO + New sets I never thought I’d get!

Miniature Mystery Mail LEGO Haul and Unboxing! Misprints and more!

LEGO Shop at Home Surprise!