The Battle of Crait in LEGO (4K Quality)

After 13 months of hard work, it all comes down to the final battle with just how epic the entire LEGO creation stands up to be! Made from over 100,000 LEGO pieces with over 32 weeks of episodes on YouTube showing the creation of this massive MOC. It feels so nice to finally complete it!

Wanna know how this was made? GUESS WHAT! There’s over 32 plus weekly segments right here on my channel to show you every step that it took to make a LEGO creation as massive as this!

Music by Aeon:

AT-M6 Design by Edge of Bricks

INSTAGRAM: @Solid_Brix

#LEGO #StarWars #SolidBrixStudios

Destruction Footage at the end by MandRproductions

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